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In a fast-moving environment and faced by the challenges of globalisation the luxury leaders debate the future of their industry.

Five luxury professionals take the initiative to create the Luxury Future Institute, an international think-tank dedicated to prospective thinking regarding luxury, its outlook, main issues and new ambitions.

The Lyfe federates leaders and best worldwide experts of the luxury sector. It encourages sharing of experience.

As a non-profit organisation it relies on subscriptions and grants from private and public sponsors.


The purpose of the Luxuty Future is twofold:

  • Identify the weak signals and strong trends that will impact the future of luxury allowing decision-makers to define informed strategies for the development of their companies.
  • Favour the personal development of its members through events, conferences and joint-studies initiated across the various international branches of the Institute.


International and independant, the Lyfe federates active members and experts.

Active members are international decision-makers of the luxury sector. They are admitted on a personal basis and through co-opting only.

Experts are identified through the community of members. they are internationally recognised for their expertise.

François Arpels, Kathy O’Meny, Jean-Pierre Mongon, Joel Palix and Thierry-Yves Philippe are the five founders of Luxury Future Institute (the Lyfe).

François ARPELS Kathy O’MENY Jean-Pierre MONGON Joel PALIX Thierry-Yves PHILIPPE


The institute federates its members around shared values.

DYNAMISM: the purpose of the Lyfe is to push issues, open new perspectives and initiate innovative actions.

RESPECT: members commit to value differences in thoughts, points of views and culture within the Institute.

GENEROSITY: members engage in work that deserve to be shared.

SOLIDARITY: members frame of mind is to share and help each other with a will to develop a collective ad international network.

INTEGRITY: by joining the Institute members commit in their behaviour and attitude to be loyal to their fellow members.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it

- Alan Key


The Lyfe contributes to thinking and developing the luxury sector in particular through work and events of the institute.

His means are:

  • The organisation of an annual symposium gathering experts and members, offering a selection of relevant conferences and interactive workshops.
  • The editing of an annual report.
  • Producing studies, polls, reports and research of any kind of interest to the community of luxury professionals.

A l’origine de toute connaissance, nous rencontrons la curiosité ! Elle est une condition essentielle du progrès.

- Alexandra David- Néel


Together let’s create value and boost collective thinking.

The Luxury Future Institute relies every year on the collaboration of corporate and institutional partners that support his purpose and actions.

This partnership allows sponsors to reinforce their awareness with leading international decision-makers while asserting their legitimacy within a fast-growing industry.

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